Manufacturing wildlife giftware for over 25 years as well, Jennings offers several services and options that are available that you the customer can appreciate. For many artists, our custom mold and cold cast department reproduces carvings and sculptures for many across the U.S.

RS_FULL_MAL_1051 Our extensive  line of wildlife figurines and home decor are made of the finest quality. Our artists are amongst the best in the world. Our capabilities of personalized engraving is one more option, that along with our custom capabilities allow us to produce small to large quantities. This is especially unique for smaller corporate companies as well as large corporations. So whether you are seeking large quantities or one of a kind, Jennings can help. If you are looking for employee recognition gifts or corporate sponsor products that showcases your company let us show you how easy it can be done.

DU_ENGRAVED_BOOKENDSWildlife conservation is something we believe in and support. Therefore, many great conservation organizations come to us for product design. Our capabilities to perform and deliver a quality product has been one of Jennings quality services for many years. Our 100% customer guarantee sets us apart from any other. With great customer service, quality employees and quality made USA products has made Jennings the company most used when a quality job is what you need to complete the task.

We invite you to browse the products listed below. You will see several products that have been designed and completed for many individual customers as well as organizations and corporate accounts.

Pet Memorials

These products have been designed for the pet owner who has lost his or her pet. The custom decoy memorials and hunting decoy memorials are for the hunter looking to memorialize their buddy after all those long days out hunting. Our personalized memorial with your pets favorite photo is just another of the custom memorials we carry.

mallard_decorative_memorial cork_decoy_class_canvasback_finishedNEW pet memorial engraved and personalized_1

Anheiser Busch/Ducks Unlimited decoy for conservation 

We create limited edition decoys that are handcarved and handpainted for specifically raising money for the wetlands and conservation project. A project that Anheiser Busch should be proud of and that we are honored to do for them.


3M Corporate Gifts

3M has many partners. They too look to Jennings for appropriate gifts each year.


Nascar and The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation

We create limited edition decoys that each year raises money for The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation. Its purpose is to educate children while conserving our wildlife habitats and the natural surroundings, in hopes that our efforts to help protect those natural surroundings for our children's future is in place.

ward_burton_limited_edition_mallard Ward_Burton_Limited_edition_mallard_hen

Additional Custom Work  

bronzed_decoy_for_Ducks_Unlimited Special_25th_Anniversary_for_pheasants_Forever loon_product_done_for_the_Senator_Norm_Coleman American_Legion_and_VFW_awards 000_0019