happy_carver_with_his_first_fish_carving_We offer carving classes right here at Jennings. From beginners to advanced carving enthusiasts, our carving classes are a great way to be creative and have fun.

Here are a few of the carving classes we offer: 

  • Canadian Goose
    You’ll learn the anatomy of the bird, how to carve the body, head and insert the wings. Then we show you how to properly finish your Canadian Goose with paint.
  • Sunfish
    You’ll learn to carve a full size sunfish. We show you step by step how to carve the intricate detail in the scales and fins. Then we help you finish your masterpiece by adding paint for a lifelike finished piece.
  • Cork Decoy
    Come in for our full size cork hunting decoy class. We carve and fully paint a canvasback duck in this specialty class. Our Cork Decoy Class includes a cork body, and paint. We include tools to use and take home with you. Other hand tools will be available in class and will be shared by all. Discounts are available for groups of two or more.

Contact us for more information at +1 (320) 253-2253

detailed_carving_from_walleye_class  Instructor_with_crappie_carving_instructionsproud_carver_and_his_first_handcarved_walleye  boy_scouts_learning_to_paint_their_decoys

If you own your own Dremel or Foredom carving tools, please bring them with to your carving class. Otherwise, we offer carving kits for purchase at the time of your class.