IMG_1068Jennings Decoy manufactures wood and cork duck decoys and provides a complete line of wood carving supplies for the decoy, bird and fish carver. 

Our hand-made in the USA decoys and blanks come from the finest sustainable, northern basswood. We carry a selection of fine tools and paints, plus an extensive selection of carving and painting patterns and books.

Our wildlife decor and corporate gifts include beautifully painted duck and loon reproductions, dog urns, lamps, etc. We can provide any quantity you need - for the home or for your gift shop.

Hunting Decoys

Decoy_kits_and_hunting_cork_decoysIt’s early morning. The air is crisp. On the horizon four ducks are coming in, storm battered as they hover in over your decoys. They are Bluebills, fat as pigs, fresh from the northern marsh.

Check out our line of hunting decoys all made from nostalgic black low density cork to the ever popular high density cork.

Hand made in America one piece at a time.

Quality manufacturer with great attention to detail

Handcarved_wood_decoysTwenty years of painting experience includes airbrushing and hand painted decoys. Colors and iridescent paints are meticulously selected for fine detailed and realistic rendering using a combination of acrylic and oil based paints.

Decoy paint is carefully selected for each species and dries to a matte finish.

We also carry an extensive line of cork kits and supplies allowing you to create your own gunning decoys. Adding a special touch to your set is very rewarding and adds to the hunting experience. Those decoys can be handed down from generation to generation.

Woodcarving Supplies

woodcarving_suppliesJennings Decoy offers some of the best cutouts of Northern Basswood in the world. From life-size cutouts to smooth sanded blanks.

 Our shop is one stop that carvers will certainly want to make. Our tool selection is superb and our many patterns are what make us the number one leader in the carving industry. We also do custom cutouts, using your patterns, even while you wait.

Custom work accepted. We can and will alter patterns (e.g. longer neck or cutting a new pattern to order with proper grain alignment.)

We have developed proprietary resins used to make cast lifelike reproductions for carving and paint studies.

Our castings are exact duplicates of work by master carvers.

Basswood used in blanks and carving is northern Minnesota grown and carefully kiln dried.

A special discount is given to all carving clubs, schools and organizations.

Woodcarving Education

Introduce your son or daughter to the joys of woodcarving in our decoy building classes. They will always remember the time spent together.

boy_scouts_learning_to_paint_their_decoys decoy_carved_in_class_by_scouts

Starter kits are available and come complete with carving and paint pattern. Tools and paints are available at minimal cost and offer a good way to hone your skills at a reasonable cost.

9781881982418We have a wide selection of books in stock. They are reviewed and selected for their usefulness and reference quality.

Beginning and advanced woodcarving classes are available. All ages' welcome. Call for dates and times.

Wildlife Giftware

IMG_1327Jennings Decoy has been producing wildlife giftware for over 20 years! It’s commitment to reach out to people who care about wildlife and the natural world around them.

Field_and_forest_collectionInside our showroom you will find a wide range of products inspired by the beauty and wonder of the wild. We hope they will in turn inspire you, as your purchases help support our efforts to protect these natural treasures for our children’s future.

At Jennings Decoy, we carry a beautiful line of corporate gift items. We also carry gift baskets and original wildlife paintings from local artists, as well as wildlife prints.